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Organic Sicilian Pasta and Flour

Explore the world of organic Sicilian pasta, where every bite tells a story of tradition and quality. Our pasta is made with ancient wheat, including the renowned Russello, which gives it a unique flavor and an irresistible consistency. Alongside it, we offer flours from Timilia, Perciasacchi and Majorca, guaranteeing an authentic and healthy culinary experience.

Also try some of our recipes to make the most of our products. We absolutely recommend you try the Busiate with Pesto alla Trapanese, a hymn to Sicilian cuisine.

Ancient and Organic Wheat: Quality Pasta from Sicilian Lands

Our Organic Sicilian Pasta and Flour are the reflection of our commitment to sustainability and authenticity. By choosing our products, you have the certainty of a controlled supply chain and particular attention to Sicilian biodiversity. In addition to enjoying unparalleled flavours, we invite you to explore traditional recipes such as “Busiata alla trapanese“, a true hymn to Sicilian cuisine. Discover the taste of sustainability with our Organic Sicilian Pasta and Flour.

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