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Sicilian Tomato Sauce and Passata: The Authentic Taste of the Earth

Welcome to the world of Sicilian taste with our selection of Tomato Sauce and Passata. Made exclusively with 100% Sicilian tomatoes, such as Siccagno, Piccadilly and Ciliegino, our purees bring on your table the genuine flavor of tomatoes picked at the height of their ripeness.

Benefits of Tomato Passata

Our Tomato Passata is a feast of freshness and goodness directly from Sicily. Using only tomatoes grown in our fields, such as the prized Siccagno, the juicy Piccadilly and the sweet Ciliegino, we guarantee an extraordinary flavor that goes perfectly with your favorite dishes. In addition to its exceptional taste, tomato puree offers health benefits, rich in lycopene and antioxidants that support your well-being.

Experience the True Sicilian Flavor: Tomato Puree, Sauce and Pulp

Explore the versatility of Sicilian cuisine with our range of Tomato Purée. From the classic puree to be used in every recipe, to the ready-made sauce for quick dishes and to the Carrettiera-style tomato pulp for extra flavor in every bite. Our tomatoes, harvested at the height of their ripeness, bring authenticity and freshness to your kitchen. Try the best of Sicily in every dish!

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