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Mediterranean Red Tuna Bottarga

Mediterranean bluefin tuna roe is a product of excellence, crafted by artisans. The eggs extracted from tuna, after being cleaned, are salted and enriched with natural flavorings. A production with attention to detail.

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Mediterranean bluefin tuna roe is an unparalleled fish product and is therefore considered the caviar of the Mediterranean. In fact, it is made from pulverized tuna eggs. Its lively taste comes from the long drying and salting process. The processing keeps alive the tradition of ancient times, thanks to which the bluefin tuna roe is kept unique.

It has a very strong and assertive flavor that is easily adapted to traditional Sicilian cuisine. Tuna roe powder can be used as an opening dish paired with mozzarella cheese, or in combination with white figs for a refined and tasteful first course.

Its use is among the most versatile and helps give dishes a lively character. An elegant product to reserve for a dinner party or special event.

Bluefin tuna eggs, salt, sugar.

Allergens: fish eggs, may contain traces of nuts.

Nutrition table Per 100g of product
Energy Value 1064 KJ/254KJ
Fats 11,6 g
of which saturated 3,5 g
Carbohydrates 0,4 g
of which sugars 0 g
Protein 35,9 g
Fibers 2,2 g
Salt 16,8 g
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